Paul Atlan

Learning To See - Daido Moriyama Edition

A big part of “learning photography” is looking at pictures. But for people like Moriyama who’s style is instantly recognizable, I always wonder if they’ll see past the gimmick. Truth to tell, I go back and forth on him myself: is he a gimmicky hack or a genuine artist? Blown highlights and black shadows are great at masking bad pictures …

One of the reasons Charles Stross is a favorite writer of mine is the way he sees the nightmare behind current trends. This is a perfect example.

I have to assume this thing was planted in the middle of the path on the Orléans university campus just so I could obsess over it for the next two days, otherwise the universe is meaningless.

My Brain Hurts

Maths and experimentation - using soap bubbles to solve minimal surface problems…

We should spread good stories because the world is not just a dumpster fire. I’m a cynic, but if the internet tells me twice in one day (both @dgold and Gabe Weatherhead ) then maybe I should listen.

Holding homework-help period at 8am on a Monday may not be the most efficient use of my time.

I sat down and graphed the state of my publishing hub. I finally think I understand what I’ve been trying to do. Two hard bits left: a bookmarklet for “like” etc posts and wordpress comments back into

Pour les francophones, un superbe podcast - des petits bijoux d’une demi-heure. Merci à Lucia Sanchez de me l’avoir fait découvrir. 🇫🇷🎙

Spring is nigh
le Manège du Martroi.

A Sunday in Orléans

This town is depressing.

Yet another take by Dr Drang on infographics (or the lack thereof) in the WaPo

📚 Trying to finish reading Provenance 👎 by Anne Leckie, but I’m finding it a slog. It feels like it was written before Ancillary Justice. Makes me wonder if I just liked AJ so well just because of the grammar gimmicks?

Bombino really is very good music to grade papers to.

It’s getting harder and harder to figure out how to be healthy: turns out Omega-3 aren’t the panacea we thought they where

📷 Tasneem al Sultan is a female Saudi photographer documenting the evolution of women’s rights in the kingdom. Her work is amazing -…

Oh the rabbit hole! - my NewsBlur subscription is coming up and I want to renew my RSS system before that. I’ve tried training in NewsBlur, but i can’t get the filtered streams in Unread. Is Feedbin worth the expense? Will it allow me to filter stuff?

Halide on my 6s+ is buggy to the point of being unusable. Capture fails with weird error message whose text is boilerplate; swipe right for ❤️ resizes the picture to half then quarter screen …

Seriously. Lost in space is coming to Netflix in a month and nobody thought to tell me? Sheesh, people. Anything else you forgot to mention?

I’d never read anything by Teju Cole. Now I have, and man, can he write. I still like the movie very much, but this gives it so much more context.

Je découvre que le mot calepin est l’éponyme d’Ambrogio Calepino, lexicographe Italien, auteur au XVIème siècle d’un des premiers dictionnaires multilingues. (et qu’il existe un pendant francais aux “Field Notes”)