Paul Atlan

L’île aux moines is a cute little island in the Golfe du Morbihan, a micro climate inside of Brittany’s own weird weather patterns.

Cuisine française: my son enjoying roasted bone marrow, to the amazement (disgust?, couldn’t tell) of a neighboring table.

I’ve believed for 40 years - as I was told in school - that this was the western-most point in France. Turns out it isn’t, by a few miles. But why let facts get in the way of a good myth? I give you:

La pointe du Raz, le bout du monde

Brittany is an amazing discovery. The weather and the light are constantly changing.

Vacation day whatever (you know your vacation is good when you can’t count the days anymore).

Port de Camaret. Rusting hulls of the last fishing boats.

Oysters in Brittany (« À l’abri du Kraken ») - achievement unlocked. Merci @kapsa et @xtof pour les conseils.

Almost the end of the world. Pointe de Pen Hir, Finistère (Bretagne)

Vacation - day 1 Quiberon (Morbihan)

for techies: I bought a USB HD for my HS 2016 MBP, formatted in APFS. Randomly, macOS will complain - “can’t repair the disk”. diskutil will take forever and pb comes back 2 days latter. Also drive seems to be constantly active. Return to Amazon?

I feel like I “interact” less with m.b than with FB/Tw - but the signal to noise ratio is higher (i.e more meaningful conversations instead of “drive-by liking”) Also the pace of conversations is slower. All in all, a Good Thing™

Lobe reminds me of the Arthur C. Clarke aphorism: “any sufficiently advanced technology is undistinguishable from magic” (ht: @jack)

Can’t really talk about it yet, but I’ve gone from down in the dumps, “I’ll never find a job again” to a wealth of opportunities in the space of a few weeks. I’m actually scared that I have a choice to make, which is a weird emotion to have.

Loire Art Show 2018 - Orléans -

On the one hand, we’re starting to take seriously the idea that we don’t need everyone to work full time as a society, on the other, Goldman Sach’s pundits think it’s not a good idea to cure chronic illnesses because cured patients don’t generate revenue.

Shiny Sf-day: 📺 “The Expanse” season 3 just dropped, “Lost in space” drops tonight on Netflix, and 📚 Cat Valente’s “Space Opera” is in my Kindle. So many options.

Explaining the Peter principle to a friend, I realize there’s a generalization of Thayer’s law at work (it’s the fact that animals tend to be shaded differently from above and below to optimize camouflage): managers look very different to their managees than to their managers

Flashback to early 70’s animation: [Linea](

Ready Player One 👍 - It’s far from perfect: the online vs offline moral exploration boils down to “you can’t make out with your girlfriend if you don’t go offline”. But the original story was good and Spielberg knows how to put up a show.

This guy showed up on my building’s wall yesterday.

I feel most of my middle school students have an extremely passive attitude towards learning. I see very few with a spark of « let’s try different things » in front of a new problem.