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I thought my hometown was boring, but obviously some people have interesting nights. 6:30 am — Orléans — rue de la République.


One thing I didn’t miss from consulting: idiots who think graphs are just decorative. Average - good - poor - excellent indeed


Towers of nothing

(Paris - La Défense) BF83EC03-49A1-490A-BB13-2D05AC69044C.jpg

Astronomy paleo style – every morning the sun will be lower and lower at this particular point in my commute. (Hey, I need to find something to alleviate the boredom!) 7306B0DB-CA7E-4E3C-8B42-7699F705F5D6.jpg

After catching up on current conversations for a few days, I’ve firmly changed my mind: I’m in the “no likes” camp. My slant to “likes” was clearly nothing more than lingering fear: if nobody “likes” me, then nobody likes me. Which is demonstrably false.

Very good guerrilla art on the train this morning. Stickers (spotted them on a couple windows) are absolutely professional looking, positioned perfectly, and it took me a few reading to slowly realize they AREN’T safety signs. 🇫🇷


I’ve started my “real” (i.e non teaching) job. It’s great, but commuting 4 hours a day is … interesting. I’m finally going through my podcast backlog. 7E3120C5-118F-402E-94C1-2F90B4824F2E.jpg E40BE6F1-B12E-4091-A858-BB3E801F6648.jpg DFC7D2B1-16E9-4CD1-9808-8FE3B428997C.jpg

After a fairly long dry spell, I’m finally getting some images done, and dipping my toes back in Inordinately proud of this pic taken today in Bordeaux:


What better way to start the week than with coffee and a little pruning? Warning: they make it hard, and you may have to disable your content blocker once in a while… From LinkedIn and Yahoo to TVs and WiFi routers, these are default data privacy settings worth changing - The Washington Post

With my (French) wife and kids, we speak in a mixture of English and French that has long annoyed my in-laws. Yet surprisingly, I never spoke English with my (American) mother. Go figure. BBC - Future - Can you lose your native language?

With my (French) wife and kids, we speak in a mixture of English and French that has long annoyed my in-laws. Yet surprisingly, I never spoke English with my (American) mother. Go figure. BBC - Future - Can you lose your native language?

I’m getting reasonable in my old age. I just read an article reviewing three apps and I didn’t even open the App Store once, let alone buy anything…

Anthony Bourdain s’est suicidé en Alsace hier. Encore un rappel que les souffrances psychiques n’épargnent personne. Si vous allez mal, consultez. Si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui va mal, encouragez les à consulter.

Have accepted new position. Won’t be teaching again next year. I’ll miss some of it, but I’m really excited for what’s next: I’m being given the chance to do something meaningful and just outside of my confort zone. Also, not that I’m counting, but it’s my 4th career :-)

L’île aux moines is a cute little island in the Golfe du Morbihan, a micro climate inside of Brittany’s own weird weather patterns.

Cuisine française: my son enjoying roasted bone marrow, to the amazement (disgust?, couldn’t tell) of a neighboring table.

I’ve believed for 40 years - as I was told in school - that this was the western-most point in France. Turns out it isn’t, by a few miles. But why let facts get in the way of a good myth? I give you:

La pointe du Raz, le bout du monde

Brittany is an amazing discovery. The weather and the light are constantly changing.

Vacation day whatever (you know your vacation is good when you can’t count the days anymore).

Port de Camaret. Rusting hulls of the last fishing boats.

Oysters in Brittany (« À l’abri du Kraken ») - achievement unlocked. Merci @kapsa et @xtof pour les conseils.

Almost the end of the world. Pointe de Pen Hir, Finistère (Bretagne)

Vacation - day 1 Quiberon (Morbihan)

for techies: I bought a USB HD for my HS 2016 MBP, formatted in APFS. Randomly, macOS will complain - “can’t repair the disk”. diskutil will take forever and pb comes back 2 days latter. Also drive seems to be constantly active. Return to Amazon?

I feel like I “interact” less with m.b than with FB/Tw - but the signal to noise ratio is higher (i.e more meaningful conversations instead of “drive-by liking”) Also the pace of conversations is slower. All in all, a Good Thing™

Lobe reminds me of the Arthur C. Clarke aphorism: “any sufficiently advanced technology is undistinguishable from magic” (ht: @jack)