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Après Noël

At this point in 2018, I was getting ready to slog back into a no-prospect job. Despite the absolute train wreck this past year has been, it’s been pretty good to me: now I have a job I truly care about, some semblance of a career, and the feeling I can finally provide for my family in a meaningful way. Here’s hoping 2019 continues the personal trend, and bucks the overall wtf pattern…

Watching “Springsteen on Broadway”. “Those whose love we wanted, but didn’t get, we emulate. It’s the only way we have in our power, to get the closeness and the love that we needed and desired”

These Walls Bear Our Marks.

The prison in downtown Orléans was shut down after more than 100 years to make way for a waterpark, a much needed social infrastructure in this disenfranchised neighborhood. Before razing the building, the town organized tours of the pigeon infested facility this fall.
The walls bear echoes of crowded lives in limbo, four to a cell designed for one.

This is brilliant - the text says « This time, I’ll register and I’ll vote ». It’s the ultimate double-take ad. Unfortunately, it’s only shown in Strasbourg, which is already at the heart of Europe. I wish it could be shown in all 27 European nations!

From xkcd via kottke: spaceships are older than airplanes were when we flew the first spaceship

I too love these weird timeline conflations. My personal favorite: my son was born as far away from the first Star Wars movie as I was from Casablanca.

I have dorky coworkers.


I’m going to start compiling a list of pet commuting peeves, at the risk of sounding curmudgeonly. Today: one timers who don’t understand that most of us would like a quiet commute in order to finish waking up without a headache.

When your wife’s friends go on a week end trip to Dubai….. 72F3158B-AC00-419C-B4C0-FFECE3AA2A4C.jpg

There should be a special place in hell for people who walk up the length of the commuter train to get off at the front a full 10 minutes before we’re due to arrive.

Colors are the only things warm today. 4° outside!

Yup. Definitely getting close to Christmas. • • La Défense, early morning D9BC24A0-EBB4-4C9C-9C6D-9E4CD32763EB.jpg

Growing up, I thought my two countries, France and the US, where allied forever, and that enlightenment was here to stay. How wrong I was … (in French)

Mais qui veut la peau des lumières?

Remembrance on the Champs Elysées. November 11th wreath at the foot of the statue of Charles de Gaulle. BA2DFE9C-7EAB-4317-B6D1-1ACA1F7E370B.jpg

Je cherche des recommandations pour des podcasts/newsletters en 🇫🇷. 99pi et dd c’est bien, mais je suis sûr qu’il y a des francophones qui font aussi bien!

Is it just me or is the Discover 📸 tag stuck on two weeks ago?

France just beat the US and Russia to snag the first leg of the women’s Sabre World Cup in two gripping back to back matches. Also, world class athletes can be super nice. And my starry eyed 10 y.o. Just told me she has her sights on the Olympics in 2028!

This lovely young woman from Hungary just won the women’s Sabre World Cup stage that’s hosted yearly by my daughter’s club. I had the privilege of helping backstage. Fun day

Paris photo


My boss had a vip pass to Paris Photo and snuck me in with her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Leicas in one place.

Mount Orgueil castle on Jersey has some really weird pieces. A flayed man depicting all the ways to die in battle, a intertwined family tree of French and English royalty starting with Alienor d’Aquitaine, Elizabeth II with her eyes closed, disguised German artillery posts

I’m slowly starting to learn how to organize myself when I’m working from home. The first few off site days where disastrous: no brain, I’m not on vacation ;-)

Re reading book 1 of the Laundry Files by Charles Stross. Palm pilots are the latest in technology and computers run Windows NT. 📚

Just saw John Scalzi do a signing in Paris. He’s impressively gracious with hosts, fans and his co-signer, going so far as to ask him questions to balance out the attention.

I’ve been commuting for three months for 4 hours each day. It’s less tiring than I thought, and it’s changed my family dynamics in good and bad ways. I worry it’s putting an undue toll on my wife.