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@macgenie @manton am i missing something? - i see many @name formats not treated as mentions (i.e no link and not listed in the mentions tab)

Oh yes ……

I’ve been playing with zapier, IFTTT and other cross posting functions a bit too much. Now I’ve got a spaghetti dish of tubes and semi-identical posts appearing everywhere. Maybe I can create an infinite loop?

“Dryad” Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière. The artist reveals the nymphs dancing in tree stumps. Apt and poignant. Art accompanies us even in death. #art

@manton Is there a “draft” function in the iOS app? I seem to have lost a post when I had to suspend editing for a few minutes.

Je n’aime pas beaucoup Villani, qui en fait trop, mais le climat anti-scientifique entretenu par certains - dont Mélenchon - est une ignominie.…


Annonce SNCF: “Mesdames, Messieurs, je rappelle qu’en 2017 les trains sont non-fumeurs” #snippets #fr

I’m going to ride the bus all day: it’s the only place where there’s enough air conditioning to surviving the hot Sahara air blowing in the center of France.

The local StartUp incubator calls itself “The Lab”. And yes, it does feel a little sterile.

Hot day in Old Orléans. #earlysummer #jeannedarcdoesntlivehereanymore

The center rises again? Interesting view on how the far right has been defeated in the past 6 months, despite Trump and Brexit. Let’s see in 6 months!…

“Mister Teach” - Bronze by Li XiaChao - Montargis Ironically, locals call it “Mao’s statue”, but it’s not. It’s a symbol of the passion for teaching and uplifting new generations of kids. A symbol which, obviously, needs refreshing. In the 1920s there was an exchange program here for Chinese students who came to study and work. Mao Zedong supposedly wrote the “Little Red Book” while working at the nearby Hutchinson factory. So to this day, this bastion of conservative France hosts Chinese busloads in search of their Communist roots.

Ok apparently I’m a stupid noob. I’d never heard of Richie Havens. Now he’s on my coding playlist. Thanks Apple Music “For You” mode.


Dining outside in the last rays of the sun. One thing I’m really missing from Abu Dhabi

Nothing to add to the heaps of praise about this beautiful movie. It’s a complex, thoughtful reflection on war and humanity, good and evil. Also, it’s funny. Oh yes, the hero is a badass woman and the sidekick is Captain Kirk. 

Does this post to my WP ?

Just discovered that Sense8 has been cancelled. I guess I’m having Firefly emotional flashbacks. Rationaly I should be glad we had an intelligent, emotional show pushing the boundaries of TV for as long as we did. But I don’t want to be rational about it.

A neat little piece on improvisation, with this truth: > Failing is a major aspect of improvisation. Failure is the thing we learn from, so it’s the cornerstone of productive experience.

Visiting the center of France. Old castles and (much) older volcanoes.

I like Caribbean sci-fi, if only because the food seems so appetizing. Cue doubles and Chana from Trinidad…